Dr. Selene

Dr. Selene is a board-certified physician, surgeon and the founding medical director and president of Natural Beauty Aesthetics.

A graduate of UC San Diego, she earned her medical degree from UC San Francisco. Dr. Selene completed her Residency in Trauma and Emergency at UC Davis.

Dr. Selene specializes in facial rejuvenation using lasers, injectable fillers and neuromodulators. Dr. Selene has personally injected thousands of syringes of filler (such as Juvederm and Restylane), and has been injecting cosmetic neurotoxins (such as Botox and Dysport) for over 10 years.

She lives in Grass Valley with her husband, a small business owner and Mr.Mom to their two children. Dr. Selene is an avid hiker, home decorator and beginning photographer.

"Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience to every patient!"

We believe an exceptional experience is safe and effective care, delivered in a prompt, convenient and confidential manner, with respect for the emotional and physical comfort of our clients.

We will invest in proven equipment, comfortable facilities and efficient business processes. We will utilize evidence-based treatments.

Through pro bono services, charity support, lectures and teaching of other medical providers, we will give back to the community and the patients we serve.

We have built, and will continue to improve, a practice that consistently delivers outstanding results for our patients.

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