CORE CO2 LASER for hands

Today, the CO2 laser has been perfected to correct numerous skin imperfections. Known as laser skin resurfacing, the CO2 laser is revolutionizing skin care for sun-damaged skin, which is good news for past and present sun worshipers.

Laser skin resurfacing is a genuine breakthrough. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, laser skin resurfacing may also decrease skin cancer by removing sun-damaged skin.

How the Laser Works

Using the most advanced laser technology, the CORE laser gently treats the damage caused by sun and time. The skin contracts and tightens as the laser vaporizes the water in the tissue. The heat penetrates into the skin no deeper than half the thickness of a human hair. The old skin is then wiped away, leaving the new skin underneath to develop and regenerate. The laser also tightens and shrinks the collagen in the skin. Collagen, directly beneath the epidermis, gives the skin firmness and helps keep it youthful looking. The laser helps stimulate collagen regrowth.


Like any type of deep peel, the laser removes protective layers of the skin creating a wound similar to a severe burn, which takes approximately ten to fourteen days to heal. Redness of the skin may persist for weeks to months following surgery. During the first several weeks, patients should avoid the sun and use a healing ointment, i.e., Aquaphor.