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What my clients are telling their friends...

Dr. Selene is absolutely the best! She is very knowledgeable, yet conservative in her approach at beautification with dermal fillers. While many doctors in aesthetic practice see dollar signs in the patients, Selene focuses on keeping the patient looking naturally beautiful while helping the patient achieve their beauty goals all with the patient’s budget in mind. I recommend Dr. Selene to all my aesthetic clients with great confidence!

Candi, Owner Candied Skin & Body Salon

My recent procedure was the resurfacing of my face, neck and chest with Dr Selene’s CO2 laser. I have had acne scars, sun damage, upper lip wrinkles and the loss of collagen around my eyes that have all bothered me for years. I was not expecting the results to be so dramatic! Right away, my skin was plumper and less scarred and wrinkled. The blotchy skin texture that I’ve worn makeup to cover all of my life, was gone as soon as the normal redness of the procedure diminished. As a longtime severe acne sufferer, I am thrilled to have more healthy looking skin at age 52 than I did at age 30. Dr Selene has an eye for detail and a unique understanding of her patients and their goals.

Darby Davenport, Esquire Realty

I have been treated by Dr. Selene for over a year and I’ve had many services done such as Botox, Ultherapy, IPL and Juviderm filler. She has an unbelievable way of making you feel comfortable and is trustworthy with her recommendations on various services. My favorite treatment to date was the ultherapy to treat my unwanted chest lines. I had two treatments in which the results were remarkable and the lines greatly diminished. Dr. Selene is always accommodating in making her appointments which is very hard to find. She takes her time to be pristine with her work and making sure it’s done properly, carefully and that you are pleased with the result as her client.

Kristi Evens, Talent Sourcer for EBay

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Selene - she has transformed me in such a beautiful way! After going through a very painful divorce, I had let myself go....I wanted to make major changes in my life to feel better - both emotionally and physically! I started off with the Ultherapy - great for tightening up my sagging neck and double chin! Several months later I had the CO2 laser done on my face - this softened my wrinkles and damage I have done over the years from being in the sun. I now have “baby skin” and I get compliments on my face from all my friends and clients! I am extremely happy with the results!

The best thing about these procedures are they are non-evasive - no anesthesia, no cutting of the skin. Very little downtime! (I actually went back to work the next day after the ultherapy). This avoids complications! Dr. Selene is very gentle and knowledgeable in her profession. Both procedures were relatively painless and the results are amazing! I would not go with anyone else - if you want to look more youthful I would definitely recommend Dr. Selene!

Mary Powell, Keller Williams Realty